Lingo CGM 

CGM For Nondiabetics

Lingo is a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that shows you how food, stress, sleep and exercise affect your glucose levels in real time. It also offers personalized coaching to help you manage spikes and dips, so you can maintain steady glucose levels and improve your overall health.

The Lingo biosensor and app work together to translate your glucose patterns, giving you a deeper and more insightful understanding of the habits affecting your metabolism. Lingo was developed by Abbott, the global leader in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology, trusted by 5 million people worldwide every day. Now, this transformative technology is available to everyone. With our proprietary algorithm, Lingo takes CGM to a whole new level.

Lingo uses a biosensor based on Abbott's continuous glucose monitoring technology, trusted by 5 million people worldwide. The team of experts at Lingo leveraged Abbott’s decades of glucose research to create a biosensor and app that work together to help users live their healthiest lifestyle.

The Lingo Biosensor

The Lingo biosensor, app, and proprietary glucose spike detection algorithm work together to convert your daily glucose patterns into a simple Lingo Count system. As different foods and activities affect your glucose levels, Lingo provides real-time coaching to help you adjust your habits, stick to your health goals, and maintain steady glucose levels.

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